Herb Grinders

The Herb Grinders that are available on www.upcmedical.com feature variety, quality and value, ranging from semi-automatic to automatic function. Prices start as low as $295.00. The herb grinders are widely used in processing bulb herbs, food and tea. The herb grinders come with warranty and quality guarantee.

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Millennia Acupuncture Needles

Millennia Brand Acupuncture Needles were introduced into the U.S. market in the late 1990. Because of its consistent quality and performance, most schools of acupuncture, mainstream practitioners and medical doctors including veterinary doctors of acupuncture have been extensively using the Millennia Needles.

The Millennia needles are well-known for its higher tensile strength on the handles, sharp tips and easy, smooth insertion without feeling pain. Besides, the needles are made of surgical stainless steel body, silver handles without coating that avoids potential skin allergy and enables moxibustion.

Furthermore, the Millennia Needles have the widest selections of gauges and lengths for all your learning and practice needs. There are 4 types of packaging for your convenience at different occasions, e.g, Single Pack Needle, Bulk Pack, Detox Pack and Alloy Handle Pack.

Feel free to give this company a call or e-mail, request your free samples of needles; and experience the difference in quality, value and performance.

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Multi-Purpose Health Device KWD808 Series

There are several websites marketing acupunctrure stimulators or acupuncture machines online. There is a very popular model, KWD-808 series that are made by different manufacturers overseas. They look close or similar; but they function differently. Some are reliable and of good quality, some are cheaper and do not last long; and others are of poor quality and break fast. There is only one manufacturer that bears ISO, CE and IEC certificates and their product is FDA 510K listed. The name of the company is called Yingdi Medical Electronics Co.; Ltd and their product is Yingdi Brand.

Even though all the KWD808 series appear very similar, they are not the same. According to the practitioners’ reports, certain brands of the Muliti-Purpose Health Device KWD808 even shock and hurt their patients upon loaded and connected to their skin…

The Yingdi Brand Multi-Purpose Health Device, KWD808 series carry unconditional 3 Year Manufacture Warranty. No doubt thereĀ are no other brands bear the same length of warranty. Feel free to try the Yingdi Brand, compare it with the other brands; and experience the difference yourself.

All that glitter are not gold.

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TDP Lamp

TDP Lamp is a far infrared lamp that was invented in the early 70′s. It has been marketed worldwide and many millions are sold. TDP Lamp is also called mineral lamp that is clay-coated with 33 vital minerals that are beneficial to human beings as well as animals.

FIM Energizer lamp is one of the best quality TDP Lamp with ETL, CE and ISO safety. For more information, please visit www.upcmedical.com or call (626)285-1600.

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